About Us

Angelys Balek founded her brand in 2019, offering a unique perspective on resortwear that transcends the beach. Though the roots of her namesake brand trace back to Thailand, where she is based, Balek’s wanderlust has taken her to breathtaking landscapes around the globe.

Every new collection is approached with a sense of glamour and taste for adventure, encapsulating who the Balek woman is – chic, lively and daring. They all have unique and cohesive stories, inspired by and referencing various artists and architectural movements in both silhouette as well as colors & prints. Balek’s color choices are one of the features that sets her apart, with intentional palettes that evoke moods. Each print is developed by the artist herself, taken from her canvases, journals and sketchbooks bringing real, tangible meaning to the term wearable art.

Every Angelys Balek garment is developed with top quality eco-fabrics, its partner factory endorses the #HealthySeas initiative, helping fishing communities reduce pollution and find new, environmentally friendly method to dispose of fishing nets – including recycling them to develop swimwear products.

We all leave an impact on the planet, so playing our part to clean our footprint is crucial. We are proud to support initiatives close to our hearts in support of local Thai communities and women-led projects.